Esse Baharmast

An international and first-division referee and a U.S. Soccer Federation executive.

Baharmast was a FIFA international referee for six years, 1993 through 1998, including refereeing two games at the 1998 World Cup, three at the 1996 Olympic Games, one at the 1997 Copa America, and five at the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 1996 and 1998. He was involved in a controversy at the 1998 World Cup over what some observers thought was a bad call at a crucial point, until a video surfaced that showed that the call had been correct.

He was a Major League Soccer referee for three seasons, 1996 through 1998, including refereeing both the MLS final and the U.S. Open Cup final in 1996.

Baharmast was the USSF’s Director of Officials for 11 years, 1998 through 2008, and won the USSF’s Werner Fricker Builder Award in 2020.

Elected in 2022.