The Hall of Famer Newsletter (2001-2007)

The Hall of Famer was published by the National Soccer Hall of Fame and included NSHOF news, spotlights and updates on members, and articles on US soccer history.

The newsletter was edited by NSHOF and SASH member George Brown (Class of 1995, son of James Brown, Class of 1986).

Brown described why he became editor of the Hall of Famer, “As I met and chatted with soccer fans at the Hall of Fame, when it was in Oneonta, N.Y, I realized that very few of them had any background in the history of the game. Nor, for that matter, did they know very much about how the selection process worked. So, originally the Hall of Famer was designed to educate its readers and then it evolved into a 6-page newsletter containing interesting articles about the U.S. soccer world and its history complete with articles by Colin Jose and Roger Allaway, the official Hall historians. It actually beat out the Baseball Hall of Fame’s publication for quality and cost-effectiveness, as measured by a nationally recognized media assessment organization.

“And, access to the actual memorabilia was a great nexus between the articles in the collection and the stories behind them. A wonderful example being the Elmer Schroeder letter [in volume 5 no. 1, Spring 2005] scolding the players on the Philadelphia Americans team, which he managed, for apparently asking for an increase in their wages.”

Volume 1 (2001)
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Volume 2 (2002)
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Volume 3 (2003)
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Volume 4 (2004)
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Volume 5 (2005)
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Volume 6 (2007)
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