Sam T.N. Foulds

The premier chronicler of American soccer history. For many years prior to his death in 1994, he was both the official historian of the U.S. Soccer Federation and the historical consultant to the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

In his younger days, Foulds was a good amateur player, and was the last cut in the selection process for the 1928 United States Olympic soccer squad.

After his playing career, Foulds, who was born in Quebec and lived most of his life in the Boston area, turned to club management, league administration and historical record keeping. He was involved in he founding and operation of a series of leagues in the Boston area, including serving as president of the Eastern Massachusetts League, the Boston and District League, the Massachusetts State League and the New England League.

The records and files that he kept on the history of the sport in the United States were voluminous and meticulous, and he was a frequent source of detailed information for those with questions about the sport’s history. He became the official historian of the USSFA in 1972, and the historical consultant to the Hall of Fame when it moved to a permanent home in 1979.

Inducted in 1969.