Andrew Auld

A midfielder who was a one of the stars of the United States team at the 1930 World Cup in Uruguay, playing every minute of all three United States games. He was considered one of better players at that tournament, but was generally ineffective in the semifinal against Argentina, playing more than half of that game with a rag stuffed into his mouth to stop bleeding that resulted from a rough encounter with an Argentine player.

Auld was born in Scotland in 1901, but his professional soccer career was almost entirely within the state of Rhode Island. When he moved to the United States in 1922, it was originally to Illinois, but while he was en route back to Scotland, is play in a pick-up game near Buffalo, N.Y., attracted the notice of a scout for the Providence Clamdiggers of the American Soccer League. Auld ended up playing six seasons for that team and part of another for the Fall River FC. In all, he played 315 games in the original American Soccer League.

After the 1930 World Cup, and the breakup of the original ASL, he played several seasons for the Pawtucket Rangers, including playing for them in the 1934 U.S. Open Cup final.

Inducted in 1986.