Bob “Bobby” Lenarduzzi

A defender and midfielder who played more games in the North American Soccer League than any other man, 312. Playing in a league dominated by United States-based teams, he probably had more influence on American soccer than any player ever has who wasn’t an American citizen and never played for an American club.

Lenarduzzi’s entire 11-season NASL career was spent in his hometown with the Vancouver Whitecaps, from 1974 to 1984. He played in 35 games in the Whitecaps’ NASL championship season of 1979, and more than 30 in five other seasons. Although primarily a defensive player, he did score 33 NASL goals. Lenarduzzi remained involved with the Whitecaps after the end of the NASL, and became president of the club after it joined MLS in 2011.

Lenarduzzi won 47 full international caps for Canada. He played for Canada in both the 1984 Olympic Games and the 1986 World Cup finals, and was Canada’s national team coach from 1992 to 1997.

Inducted in 2003.