James E. Douglas

The first United States goalkeeper to make a serious mark in international competition, playing in goal for the United States in both the 1924 Olympic Games and the 1930 World Cup.

In the five games that Douglas played in those two tournaments, he gave up nine goals, but six of those came in the game against Argentina in the 1930 World Cup, in which Douglas was injured early in the game (which was played in the era when substitutions were not yet allowed). In three of the five games, Douglas shut out the opposition.

Douglas played in the American Soccer League from 1922 to 1932. At the time of the 1924 Olympics, he was with the Newark Skeeters. At the time of the 1930 World Cup, he was with the New York Nationals. Douglas moved around quite a bit within the ASL, and in addition to those two teams, he also played for the New York Giants, Brooklyn Wanderers, Fall River Marksmen, Harrison and Philadelphia.

Douglas also played full internationals for the United States against Poland and Ireland in 1924, Canada in 1925 and Brazil in 1930. At one point, he was the all-time United States leader in full internationals caps.

Douglas, who was born in Kearny, N.J., was the grandson of one of the members of the ONT team that won the first American Cup in 1885.

Inducted in 1953.