John “Jack” Coll

The physical trainer of the United States team at the inaugural World Cup in 1930. Coll’s fitness regimen, particularly during the long boat trip to Uruguay, was considered a significant factor

in the team’s excellent performance in that World Cup. Many of the Euroopean teams arrived in Uruguay out of shape, but the Americans were ready for the competition, thanks to Coll.

Coll, who emigrated from Scotland in 1922 at the age of 29, had been a professional trainer since he was 19, and had trained runners and boxers as well as soccer players. In America, he alternated between training New York teams and midwestern teams. He began with New York FC of the American Soccer League, then switched to Scullin Steel of St. Louis, which reached the final of the U.S. Open Cup in 1923. The following season, he was with the New York Giants of the ASL, and then the Chicago Bricklayers before settling with Brooklyn Wanderers of the ASL for seven seasons.

Inducted in 1986.