John “Jock” Ferguson

A defender who was one of the leading players in American soccer before 1920, starring for the Bethlehem Steel team that dominated the era between 1915 and 1920. During Ferguson’s 13 seasons with Bethelehem Steel, he won league titles seven times, the U.S. Open Cup five times and the American Football Association Cup five times.

Ferguson, a left back who formed a famous partnership in the Bethlehem defense with right back Sam Fletcher, played for Bethlehem from 1914 to 1928, with the exception of the 1922-23 season. He possibly ranks second only to Archie Stark among Bethlehem Steel’s greatest stars. The Scotsman joined Bethlehem after having played for Dundee, Leeds City and several lesser teams in England and Scotland.

With Bethlehem, he starred in the teams that won the U.S. Open Cup in 1915, 1916, 1918 and 1919, and finished second in 1917. He was still with Bethlehem when it won the cup for a fifth time in 1926, but by then he was no longer a regular and didn’t play in the final.

Ferguson played on a string of Bethelehem teams that won league championships, beginning with American League of Philadelphia in the 1914-15 season. During Ferguson’s years with Bethelehem, it won that league twice, the National Association Foot Ball League three times and the American Soccer League twice. Ferguson also won the ASL title during his one season away from Bethlehem, with J&P Coats in 1923.

Inducted in 1950.