Soccer nineteen seventy-one yearbook

Title: Soccer nineteen seventy-one yearbook

Cite As: Clive Toye, ed., Soccer nineteen seventy-one yearbook (New York: United States Soccer Football Association, 1970? 1971?), [page], The Bill Graham Guides, Society for American Soccer History,

Also Known As: Graham Guide, North American Soccer Guide, U.S. Soccer Annual

Contributors: Toye, Clive, editor

Physical Description: The paperback guide measures 22.86 cm tall x 15.24 cm wide and consists of 256 pages. It contains black-and-white illustrations, including individual and group portraits.

Summary: The guide contains statistics for the 1969-70 season for various United States soccer leagues. It also includes information about the United States Soccer Football Association, and some information about international soccer.

Subjects: Soccer; Soccer—United States; Soccer—Statistics; Soccer—Rules

Geographic Focus: United States

Publisher: United States Soccer Football Association

Publication Date: 1970 ?1971?

Repository: Society for American Soccer History

Type: Text

Format: PDF

Language: English

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Collection: The Bill Graham Guides (Society for American Soccer History)

File Name: 1971 Soccer Yearbook.pdf

Date Digitized: 2023

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