Philadelphia Inquirer, October 7, 1894

Who scored the first professional goals in US soccer history?

November 23, 2022


AAPF, ALPF, ASL, Boston, Brooklyn, Fall River, Massachusetts, Newark, Philadelphia:

Who scored the first goals in the earliest US professional leagues? Brian Bunk looks at the available evidence.

The rise and fall: Fall River and Pawtucket soccer, 1883-1896

The rise and fall: Fall River and Pawtucket soccer, 1883-1896

February 1, 2022


Boston, Fall River, Massachusetts, Pawtucket, Rhode Island:

In the decade after the founding of the Fall River’s East End team, Fall River and Pawtucket rose to be perhaps the preeminent center of soccer in the United States. Then, over the course of three seasons, organized soccer in the cities collapsed. Ed Farnsworth looks at the rise and fall.

Professional soccer "For the Championship of America." Fall River Daily Herald, November 2, 1894.

After the collapse: ALPF vs. ALPF in Baltimore and Fall River, 1894-96

April 27, 2020


AAPF, AFA, ALPF, Baltimore, Boston, Brooklyn, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Newark, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia:

Following the collapse of the ALPF after only 16 games over two weeks, four former ALPF sides met in seven additional matches, including a series of three games in Fall River for the “championship of America.” Former Boston and Brooklyn ALPF professionals continued in Fall River after that.