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“Talented but Tainted”: Henry “Harry” Boyd in the US, 1891-92

July 27, 2021


Chicago, Fall River:

Ed Farnsworth and Kurt Rausch look at the season Scottish-born Henry “Harry” Boyd spent in the US in 1891-92 during which he played for Chicago Thistle, Fall River Olympics, and also Fall River East End, the latter with whom he won the American Cup. Boyd’s playing career in England and Scotland included stints at Sunderland Albion, Burnley, West Bromwich Albion, Third Lanark, Woolwich Arsenal, and Newton Heath.

Pawtucket Evening Times, April 19, 1895.

Gentlemen of Color: Oliver and Fred Watson, the earliest known African American soccer players in the United States

December 8, 2020


AFA, Black Soccer, Fall River, Pawtucket:

Ed Farnsworth and Brian Bunk on Oliver “Allie” Watson and Fred Watson, two brothers from Rhode Island who between them from 1894 to 1901 were the first African Americans to play in a senior soccer league, to play and score in an American Cup match, win a league championship, and play for a professional team.

Footage from the Fall River Marksmen’s 1930 Central European tour

Footage from the Fall River Marksmen’s 1930 Central European tour

September 9, 2020


Fall River, International Tours:

Derek Goncalves recounts the Marksmen’s 1930 Central European tour. Includes footage of the final match of the tour from the National Film Institute of Hungary.

What Happened to Mark’s Stadium?

What Happened to Mark’s Stadium?

April 21, 2020


ASL, Fall River, Massachusetts, Rhode Island:

The original Mark’s Stadium was built in 1921. What happened to it?