Sailor lads, jolly tars, and rovers of the briny deep: International ship-crew soccer matches in the US, 1890-1905, part 1

Sailor lads, jolly tars, and rovers of the briny deep: International ship-crew soccer matches in the US, 1890-1905, part 1

June 16, 2022

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AAPF, AFA, ALPF, International matches, Kearny, New Jersey, New York, Newark:

Ed Farnsworth’s review of matches between US clubs and British ship crew teams between 1890 and 1905 begins with a look at matches played in New York and Northern New Jersey.

The 1887-88 American Football Association annual published by Peck & Snyder. From the collection of Kurt Rausch.

“The Noxious Scottish Weed”: Early North American soccer and the Laws of the Game

March 31, 2022

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AFA, Canada, Early Codes:

Ed Farnsworth, Tom McCabe, and Kurt Rausch consider why the first soccer associations in North America favored the Scottish FA over the English FA as the source for their Laws of the Game.

Pawtucket Evening Times, April 19, 1895.

Gentlemen of Color: Oliver and Fred Watson, the earliest known African American soccer players in the United States

December 8, 2020


AFA, Black Soccer, Fall River, Pawtucket:

Ed Farnsworth and Brian Bunk on Oliver “Allie” Watson and Fred Watson, two brothers from Rhode Island who between them from 1894 to 1901 were the first African Americans to play in a senior soccer league, to play and score in an American Cup match, win a league championship, and play for a professional team.

Professional soccer "For the Championship of America." Fall River Daily Herald, November 2, 1894.

After the collapse: ALPF vs. ALPF in Baltimore and Fall River, 1894-96

April 27, 2020


AAPF, AFA, ALPF, Baltimore, Boston, Brooklyn, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Newark, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia:

Following the collapse of the ALPF after only 16 games over two weeks, four former ALPF sides met in seven additional matches, including a series of three games in Fall River for the “championship of America.” Former Boston and Brooklyn ALPF professionals continued in Fall River after that.

Dennis Shay: Patriarch of American Goalkeepers

Dennis Shay: Patriarch of American Goalkeepers

February 17, 2016


AFA, Profiles:

The lineage of exceptional American goalkeepers may begin in the 1880s with Dennis Shay.

Turkey Bowl

Turkey Bowl

December 1, 2015

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AFA, New Jersey:

  American football is a Thanksgiving tradition, but so is soccer. In fact, Thanksgiving Soccer is nearly as old as the holiday itself. A day of national thanksgiving goes back to the colonial period, but it took President Abraham Lincoln to institute it as a late-November holiday. Modern soccer, codified… Read More ›

O.N.T. FC, the company team sponsored by Clark Thread Company, 1885: courtesy of the Kearny Public Library

Loose threads

May 27, 2015

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AFA, New Jersey, Newark:

Tom McCabe on ONT Football Club, American soccer’s first dynasty, the American Football Association, the sports first governing body in the US.